Living With Dystonia

Dystonia often impacts every aspect of a person's life, and learning to live with dystonia can be a profound adjustment. Many people with dystonia describe the process of diagnosis and everyday coping as riding a rollercoaster with dramatic ups and downs: there are setbacks and celebrations, challenges and victories.

Living successfully with dystonia is possible and the following factors can contribute greatly to a person's ability to live as well as possible.

  • Seek out the best medical care - Finding a doctor specialising in movement disorders can make a big difference in your treatment
  • Educate yourself about dystonia and treatment options
  • Develop a multi-layered support system  including local support groups, online resources, friends and family
  • Seek out the services of mental health professionals if needed
  • Investigate complimentary therapies
  • Get active within the dystonia organisation
  • Stay informed  Dystonia Ireland events, news and activities in newsletter, on website, face book and Twitter
  • Contact Dystonia Ireland  00353 1 4922514 or  for individual assistance